F&P 950 System

Redefining expectations

Introducing the new F&P 950 Humidification System.
The F&P 950 is a premium performance humidification system designed to be easy to set up and use, minimize condensate, and provide advanced protection.

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The F&P 950 Humidification System

The F&P 950 System
What happens when humidity drops below 90%?


Optimal Humidity Is Vital...

Suboptimal humidity may cause adverse effects1, watch this video to find out more.

In tougher conditions the F&P 950 delivers consistent humidity over a wider flow range (up to 70L/mi

In tougher conditions the F&P 950 delivers consistent humidity over a wider flow range

(up to 70L/min for Optiflow™)

Easy to
set up and use

Setting up and using the device has never been easier

F&P 950 Integrated Probes

Integrated Probes

Temperature and flow probes have been integrated into the circuit and sensor cartridge to reduce the likelihood of incorrect setup and potential for system alarms.
F&P 950 Integrated Probes

Interactive Touch Screen

An interactive touch screen offers individual modes for Invasive, Mask and Optiflow™ therapies, which can easily be selected by means of a drop-down menu. Temperature adjustability has been incorporated for better patient compliance.  
F&P 950 Integrated Probes

Minimal Assembly Connections

The number of assembly connections has been minimized to enable speedy setup and allow healthcare professionals to focus on providing efficient care.

Minimal condensation

Intelligent Design, Minimal Condensation


AirSpiral™ inspiratory

The AirSpiral inspiratory limb enables efficient performance in a wider ambient temperature range minimizing rain-out. Pockets of air act as insulating barriers between the ambient conditions and delivered gases to ensure delivery of optimal humidity.
Intuitive alarms

Evaqua™ expiratory

Evaqua technology allows humidity to freely diffuse through the wall of the expiratory limb before it has the opportunity to condense and form into liquid water. This maintains PEEP and promotes a closed system.

Advanced protection

Patient protection like you’ve never seen it before



Temperature and flow sensing take place through sealed probe covers called SensiDomes. These enable accurate measurement of temperature and flow while acting as a barrier between the probes and the delivered gases.

Intuitive alarms

Intuitive alarms

Clear and concise alarms visually represent the cause of the issue and the corrective action required to quickly bring the device back to optimum operation, thus protecting the patient’s airway.

Therapy transition made easy
across the F&P Respiratory Care Continuum


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